Alfina Gamers
Survival and philosophical game in an open, endless world.
Understandable not only to everyone.


Art moved its vanguards from the tunnels of the past.
The body of art incessantly transforms and strengthens the basis of the skeleton into stubborn strong ties, consistent with time.
Volcanoes of new embryos of creative forces sweep away everything, spray the shell and erect a new one.
Every century runs faster than the past and takes on large loads, erecting ever new roads.


The modern world requires modern art.
He asks, he screams and begs. But ordinary aesthetes prefer to tighten their throats to the world. Holding his hands of hostility, misunderstanding, fear and self-deception, they are trying to stop a new round of development.
The average esthetees do not even understand that their old decrepit body is not able to resist the strength of the new.


Those whose spirit is strong and whose thought is sharp will always oppose the rules of the Academic Gamedev.
Down with platformers and strategies, racing and cookie clickers.
We boldly spit and step over the altar of classical genres. Further, behind him, we see endless scope for self-expression.


A wild game developer, who lived thirty years ago, embodied in the program code what he saw around him. Aerial platforms, weapons, aliens, anthropomorphic frogs - all this has surrounded man since time immemorial.
The wild developer elevated this environment to the status of an unattainable ideal, forcing art to be a miserable slave to his visual perception.
Art is now cramped in a cage made of prejudices and stereotypes, which among savages is called good taste.


And now, being on the verge of 2020, it's time for a man to throw a wild hide from his shoulders. It's time to let art out of the cage. Let him open his wings and fly up.
We do not proclaim the beginning of a new time in word, but in deed.


Philistines aesthetes will be angry. They will be indignant.
They will say that this is not real art, not real game dev, not real games.
On their dusty shelf there is only room for "right games." For hundreds of identical, but infinitely "right" games.


New skins from meshes and sprites are hung on the bones of long dead genres. They are put on public display, considering it an achievement.
The heart of a true artist cannot but bleed at the sight of a circus of scary stuffed animals. Instead of burying with honors one whose age has long passed, people continue to mock it.


Forgetting about these genres, we move on. Hyper-casual, match-three, standing games. This is just the beginning of a great new time.
It is time to find yourself in zero form, in pure game development.
The world noticed our bold experiment, just as a ship lost in the night sees the light of a lighthouse.
Further more.


We say to everyone: give up love, give up aesthetics, drop suitcases of wisdom, for in a new culture your wisdom is ridiculous and insignificant.
We untied the nodes of wisdom and freed the consciousness of bytes and bits.
Take off the roughened skin of your skin as soon as possible so that it's easier for you to catch up with us.
We overcame the impossible and made the abyss our breath.
You are in the nets of the horizon, like fish!
We, ALFINA GAMERS, are throwing your way.
Hurry up!

- For tomorrow you will not recognize us.
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